Our Value Proposition

ARCLIFFE LLP has certain characteristics for which clients find endearing.


ARCLIFFE LLP’s lawyers have been educated and trained in a highly ethical legal environment. We believe that integrity is the most valued characteristic, which defines our lawyers and our legal practice. Our personnel regularly attend compliance training and as such are well aware of the needs of international clients in the CEE context.


ARCLIFFE LLP is a polycentric law firm, which means it has no single headquarters or dominant culture. We appreciate the great diversity and richness of Emerging Europe in terms of its geography, language and nationalities. All the offices of ARCLIFFE LLP are unique and special. We believe that diversity and horizontal organization of our firm is a successful business model for law firms doing business in CEE.


We offer exactly what global clients expect from international law firms with high standards. Our legal products are of the same level of quality that one is accustomed to in London. ARCLIFFE LLP’s lawyers are educated and trained internationally and have many years of experience working at top international law firms in London, New York, Frankfurt, Geneva and Luxembourg, as well as in all CEE jurisdictions.


Our partners enjoy working together. This is the reason why we collectively decided to form a firm that is based on loyalty, teamwork, spirit and friendship amongst its members. Associates do not have billable targets; hence they are not under pressure to “bill the client” in order to keep their positions. We work on a result-orientated approach designed to foster a cross-cultural comradery amongst our people founded on mutual respect.

Commercially Minded

ARCLIFFE LLP is not only your legal service provider, but also your CEE business partner. Our purpose is to serve our clients with commercially oriented advice based on a sound understanding of the CEE business environment. We provide clients with an interdisciplinary, innovative and market tailored consultancy that distinguishes us from the competition.

Personal Approach

At ARCLIFFE LLP, you do not initially meet with a partner and then have your client file handled by someone else. We pride ourselves on partnership level involvement on all aspects of your project. We care about achieving results and successful outcomes. Our client-orientated approach is underscored by immediate and efficient availability, as required.